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Final Blog Post

Okay, so I realize that I didn’t do this correctly….

I was supposed to make a post every week, but instead I made one giant one (Oops).

BUT, I actually did do them weekly in my notes. This is not last minute FYI.


Week 1:HELLO BABY.  I’m super excited about getting to do my SDS on Todd! I asked Kayla, Kendal, and Abiathar what kind of bunny he was, and there was no luck. No one knows specifically what kind of bunny he is, all we know is that he’s a short haired bunny that’s grey with white…! First off, he’s still attached to Abiathar, and follows him around, but eventually he will follow me (hopefully). Right now, he’s eating the food that Kayla originally had for him, but give it a couple weeks, and he’ll need me to buy a new kind. His cage is still clean right now…. not excited for the first time I have to clean it (Blah). Excited to see how the next few months go!

Week 2:STILL IN AWE.  Everything is generally the same as last week, he followed me around yesterday!!! He’s starting to realize I’m the one who’s taking care of him, so I’m the favorite right now. So cute. Food and cage are still the same, no need for changing yet! Probably going to start bringing him snacks (veggies) soon. Keep on keepin on.

Week 3: NEW STUFF. Gave him carrots, celery, peas, mushrooms (he hates mushrooms, wouldn’t go near them), and peppers. Was told he can’t have lettuce! I can basically give him any other veggies!

Week 4: WHAT’S GOIN ON????  Todd’s pooping everywhere! I can’t figure out why… this entire week, he’s been pooping on the floors! I even cleaned the litter box and it was completely clean, the wood shavings were still clean, he’s just randomly pooping all over the floor. No new food was introduced from me, he’s just being a brat.

Week 5: OMG.  Todd is still pooping everywhere. Literally everything is clean, but he’s just pooping everywhere. On Monday, I’m going to scoop out and wash his entire cage, maybe that will help.

Week 6:EW.   Cleaned the cages, scrubbed them clean! Was literally in the bathroom sink with a sraper, and scrubbing them. Smelt awful, but the room smells so much better now, and Todd stopped pooping all over the floor!!!! (Thank goodness). Taking Todd for the weekend!

Week 7: OMG PT.2….I took Todd home for the weekend….He’s a brat! I have 2 dogs, so they probably made him nervous, but he constantly kicked his shavings out of his cage, right after I cleaned them up. He peed on my bed twice as well. He dragged his food out of his bowl to and put them in my bed. He was just so messy, and scared the whole weekend.

Week 8: THE NORM. Everything is the same, nothing really new. He’s just a happy bunny who gets cuddled a lot… maybe too much!

Week 9: BATH TIME. Abiathar helped me bath Todd for the first time… he hated it! Abiathar had to hold Todd against him while I put soap all over Todd. There was water everywhere because Todd kept shaking and kicking the water.. so that was fun. Probably won’t bath him again this year ha. It was a little ridiculous… he looked like a rat though, so that was fun.

Week 10: AUNTY SNUGGLES. Ireland took Todd home for the weekend! HE was out of food, so she fed him so hamster food… he devoured it. She also clipped his nails because they were so loud & making clinking sounds on the ground. She said he was really good on the weekend (Unlike my experience) and there wasn’t any problems! Good, she can keep him!

Week 11: FOOD. Bought Todd two new types of food. One is just regular rabbit food, and the other one has a mix of treats in with it. Of course I opened the treats one first, and now he rushes through eating! He loves his new food, but now he’s pooping on the floor again… so, I assume it’s just the change in food that makes him do that.

Week 12: FINAL BLOG POST (Even though I didn’t post the first until now). Todd is an easy going bunny, and was a great project to do. Wish I would’ve been smart & posted weekly. Throughout the time I had with taking care of him (I’ll still do it), it gave me a daily responsibility. In week 1(above) I was so in awe with being able to pick up a bunny.. I probably wouldn’t have done it before. He was the cutest thing ever. In week 2 (above) I was (STILL IN AWE) and he was starting to follow me around, so that was actually the cutest thing ever. In week 3(above), and 4(above) I realize the reason he was (OMG) pooping everywhere, was because I gave him (NEW STUFF). Week 5 (Above) and 6 (above) also tie together… SO, another reason he was (OMG PT.2) pooping everywhere was because he (EW) needed his cage cleaned. Week 8, (THE NORM) was the exact same as any other time.. he didn’t do anything different, it was a good week. Week 9 (BATH TIME) was the best week because of giving Todd a bath… it was so funny but messy. Literally the best. Week 10 (AUNTY SNUGGLES) I learned that Todd has a lot people who love him, and want to take him for the weekend. Abiathar had him forever, and Ireland took him as well! He’s easy to take care of, just messy! Week 11 (FOOD), he tried lots of different foods, and loved it all, other than mushrooms! He’s a fun little guy to take care of, and fairly easy! Thanks for the opportunity.


Bath 1

Bath 2

The truth about climate change

The Truth about Climate Change

Environmental Science 20


  1. Anthropogenic defines to the environmental pollution caused by humans. In Environmental Science, we learn about how the things we do on the daily affect our living.  We just recently finished a unit that focused a lot on the amount of carbon we use during the day. We learned that the average household uses about 12.4 tons of carbon dioxide a day. Extra carbon dioxide released into the environment increases the greenhouse effect. Since more heat is trapped by the atmosphere, it causes the planet to become warmer than it would be naturally. This is called Global Warming. When global warming happens, it causes major changes in the environment. Right now, it’s causing the ice to melt faster than it can be replaced in the Atlantic and Arctic ocean, the sea levels to expand and rise, and changes where species of plants and animals can live. Scientists say that the man-made carbon emission traps as much heat energy as would be released by four hundred thousand atomic bombs exploding every 24 hours, 365 days a year.  In environmental science we learn about the causes and effects that anthropogenic effects have on the environment.
  2. CCCma, IPCC, and PARC all take part in trying to get climate change under control. Climate Crisis is now claimed to be the #1 risk on the economy(BBC video). These organizations are constantly making charts on charts collecting continuous data on climate change and the anthropogenic effects on it. They then take this data to their multi-government meeting. In 2015, at a meeting in France, reducing anthropogenic climate change was brought up. Problem? 55 countries needed to sign the global agreement before any change was to occur. Their intention was to make sure there was no increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas emission.
  3. Climate Mitigation is any action taken to permanently to eliminate or reduce the long-term risks and hazards of climate change to human life. The terms “adaptation” and “mitigation” are two important terms that are fundamental in the climate change debate. While mitigation takes on the causes of climate change, adaptation deals with the effects of the deal. Policy makers have noticed changes some countries are making.  Germany and Bangladesh are two places that have taken in the adaptation and mitigation terms and thought them out for themselves in a positive manner. Germany uses wind turbines for power, and Bangladesh creates solar energy the fastest out of all countries. They are using renewable fossils, thus decreasing anthropogenic effects.
  4. 93% of the heat that is trapped in the ocean is man-made. Because of this, the Arctic areas have less land, and more ocean water. This is affecting the plants and animals greatly. Being so far north, there is already a depletion of resources. With global warming expanding and taking away species, the resources are becoming minimal. The farther from the equator, the worse. Snow patterns and rain patterns are all over, because the Arctic has less snowpack. The glaciers are melting, and the sea is growing! With warmer weather, comes a more acidic ocean. This is where it really affects humans. If the animal deplete, so do we!
  5. Thousands of land and ocean temperature measurements are recorded each day around the globe. These measurements are processed, examined for random and systematic errors, and then finally combined to produce a time series of global average temperature change. These measurements are then compared, and a pattern of rising temperatures has been occurring for years. The 10 warmest temperatures have been been recorded as the past 12 years. The greatest signs of global warming are:

     Carbon dioxide increasing. Especially man-made.

     The world’s hottest decades have taken place over the past 10 years.

     Arctic sea is in danger due to high acidity levels, pollution, and melting ice.

     Greenland is losing ice too fast due to increased heat temperatures in the ocean.

     Oceans are warming and expanding because of ozone depletion and intensified heat from the sun.

     Basically, there are a lot of the same indicators leading to WHY global warming is happening. Majority of      the problem is humans! If we were to take a look at our own anthropogenic effect, we’d be hit with a            hard realization as to how much polluting we actually do.

Bio SDS Proposal Outline

Our focus question focuses on the cross mutation of animals, and how it’s evolved over time, and where cross mutation originally evolved from. We plan on answering these questions by using the internet, & books. As well as going to different museums to see where certain cross mutated animals all started. Our focus question relates to the course in a form of evolution, and the directly relates to the species now. This will be submitted in the form of a posterboard/storyboard. The only supplies we need to complete our project is the use of computers, and books, and our storyboard/posterboard.

Wayne William’s case

In this case, the evidence provide consisted of fibers found on the bodies of the deceased, and witness testimonies. On the bodies of the deceased, there were yellowish-green nylon fibers, and violet acetate fibers, 28 different fibers, and dog hair. Witnesses also claimed to have seen William’s with some of the victims. A search of William’s home and car found numerous fibers similar to those found on the victims bodies. These particular fibers were very rare to find in numerous places, as well as the fibers from a 1970 station wagon, and hair from a German shepherd dog… It really narrows down to the specifics. William’s fit all of the specifics. I believe he was probably guilty of more, considering after he was taken into jail, the streak of murders ceased.

I don’t particularly think these murder’s were racially motivated. I think that William’s had easy access to these young boys, because he was also black & well known in the community. These boys probably would’ve been more trusting of a black man vs. a white man, and he took advantage of that.

I think that in this specific case, fiber evidence would’ve been enough due to the time and location. On a homicide now, there are many different resources to finding more evidence, and fibers wouldn’t prove in a court case. In this specific case, fibers was all they had on Williams, and witness’s saying he was seen with the victims.

Click here to see the evidence used.

What the environment means to me

My environment hardly consists of being outside… I’ll admit I’m fairly lazy(Especially in the winter).  I have an “Environment” of my bedroom, the gym, and work.  I’m also not very keen on contributing to cleaning/helping out in the environment.  Yes, I understand the importance, I just don’t do it per say.  I interact with the environment by basking in it’s sun in the summer, and spending countless hours on the boat either fishing, relaxing, tubing, kneeboarding etc.  In summer we also spend the majority of it outside at the cabin.  Now that’s summer time.  Right now, it’s winter.. Where I like to stay indoor and avoid the cold at all costs.  Sometimes, I interact with the environment by snowboarding at mission ridge, but the majority of the snow there is also fake so.  My environment consists of four seasons: fall, Winter, Spring & Summer.  It doesn’t get too hot, but I think it gets too cold. That’s Saskatchewan for you. I think I’d way rather live somewhere where it’s hot 24/7. Though I have Indian background, and a huge part of Indian life way back was having respect and care for nature, and practice of giving thanks for nature, I was never given those traditions. I grew up in a different way, in the “white” way. I never had any traditions passed down to me, because I was removed from that life at a young age. Since I was never given those traditions, I have never had a huge love for nature. I didn’t grow up with farming parents either, so I don’t respect or interact with nature in such ways. The only reason I can say that I don’t take advantage of nature is because I give thanks by helping out my mom and grandma plant and harvest a garden in the summer.

Anthropocentric means regarding humankind as the most important element of existence.

Biocentric opposes Anthropocentric. Believes that humans are not more important than those of other living things.

Ecocentric recognizes the ecosphere as central importance.

Technocentric system that is centered on technology and it’s ability to protect and control the environment.

Ecofeminism a movement or theory that applies principles and ideas to ecological issues.

I believe I’m probably under the “Anthropocentric” category. Why? I think that humankind would cease to exist if it wasn’t put as #1. Yet, this is also a yes/no answer. If humans weren’t here there wouldn’t be death and despair, it would be animals following the food chain. Earth wouldn’t be polluted with McDonald’s bags and oil. But since we ARE here, I think humans are most important.

Branches of Science

We all agreed that Environmental Science is  the physical, chemical, and biological interactions of organisms in the environment.

Atmospheric Oxygen, Ecology, Environmental Chemistry, Geosciences, Hydrology, Oceanology, and Zoology  all link very closely to Environmental Science. Click here to see how.

Oceanology is the branch of technology and economics dealing with the human use of the sea.

Hydrology is the branch of science concerned with the properties of the earth’s water.

Zoology is the scientific study of the behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals.

These are all related to our definition of Environmental Science because they all involve interactions between organisms in the environment. We will learn about them all as we continue on because they all are main branches of Environmental Science.



Career Study

Career Study

Danni ColeIMG_2023

Environmental Science 20

February 10th, 2016



Zoologist’s have super neat jobs. If you have a love for animals and nature, then this might just be the job for you! As a Zoologist, you would basically just study animals. Their developments, habits, behaviors, and interactions! Part of the job would also be researching different animal diseases! Since Zoology is a branch of biology that deals with the animal kingdom, you may also be called an Animal Scientist, or an Animal Biologist! Being a Zoologist requires quite a bit of traveling because you work with animals in their natural habitats. You would get to travel to places like Africa! Zoology requires a lot of paperwork, but on the bright side, there isn’t much pressure put on you because you work for your own self. After 20 years in this career you would be making $55,000-$80,000 a year, I think the 40hr work week would be okay for that.

How to get there:

There are plenty of entry level jobs that can help you decide on if you really want to be a Zoologist. Working at a zoo, you would see the kinds of jobs zoologists do. This career choice requires strong mathematical skills, and someone who thoroughly enjoys working on computers. Your personality should be one who has great curiosity, perseverance, and the ability to concentrate on detail independently. To become a Zoologist, you would need to get a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s and Ph.D, In the field of Zoology. 

Perspective of a Zoologist:IMG_2019

You may recognize this face here. Known as the “Crocodile Hunter”, Steve Irwin. Irwin was a Wildlife Biologist/Zoologist. Irwin was involved in the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park as he grew up. He would always take part in daily animal feedings, as well as care and maintenance activities. He also volunteered for the park’s wildlife management program. This led to Irwin’s love for animals, especially crocodiles. Leading into Zoology is a very easy task. Just look at Irwin for example. Irwin is very famous for his show “The Crocodile Hunter”, where we see how he deals with animals in their natural habitats! See the fun behind being a Zoologist? (Minus the dying part….)






Click Here to find the attached questions

What’s going on in flint?

Nearly two years ago, the state of Michigan decided to save money by switching Flints water supply from Lake Huron, to the Flint River.  This river is known through town locals for its filth. The switch was made during a financial state of emergency in the manufacturing town. The switch was also only supposed to be for a short amount of time, while a new line was being made through Lake Huron. Shortly after the switch, the people of Flint started to notice that the water looked, tasted, and smelt funny. Very dirty looking.  In August, skeptical researcher from Virginia Tech came to test the water, and found elevated levels of lead in the drinking water.     How it became toxic

In November, Flint residents filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of victims of high levels of lead. People exposed to the lead were having many medical problems. Such as: Skin lesion, hair loss, vision loss, and memory loss. These conditions, according to the suit, were results of bathing, washing, and normal household activities with the toxic water. The biggest problem was that the government knew about it, but did nothing. Barack Obama has just announced on Thursday, $80m in aid for the people of Flint. Water Crisis in Flint

My thoughts: I believe this will have a huge impact on Flints ecosystem. If this toxic water is causing so much damage to humans, i can’t even imagine the kind of damage its causing to the ecosystem. There is going to be a ridiculous amount of issues, even after the source of the issue is taken care of.